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About the Master's Degrees

Architectural renderGraduates of our Master degree programs are well regarded and sought after by firms in the Pacific Northwest, one of the most environmentally progressive areas in the country as well as by offices nationwide. Our alumni are known for their expertise in environmentally-responsive architecture, for their responsible approaches to urban and social issues, and for understanding and embracing the increasingly complex nature of architectural practice.

We have three options for Masters degrees.

The Master of Science degree allows students to complete advanced research or design work that builds on an existing professional degree. This degree allows students to focus on a research thesis or a design thesis. This is a non-professional degree.

Our Master of Architecture degree allow students to complete a professional degree, leading to licensure, in a stimulating academic environment that is characterized by cooperation, rigor and a commitment to human quality in the built environment. This degree can has two tracks — the three-year Track 1 and the two-year Track 2. 

Students with a relevant undergraduate degree are eligible for the two-year Track 2 Master of Architecture program that requires a minimum of 87 credits. This option offers students with non-professional (usually four-year) undergraduate degrees in architecture, or degrees in related fields, the opportunity to study architecture in Eugene and/or Portland, in a stimulating academic and professional environment. The program normally takes two years.

Students with an undergraduate degree in other fields are eligible for the three-year Track 1 Master of Architecture degree that requires a minimum of 144 credits and normally takes three years.

Both options result in the same Master of Architecture degree. The Track 1 and 2 programs are studio-based, with a full complement of professional courses with opportunities to focus in an area of special interest. Students can take advantage of numerous on and off campus opportunities for expanding their academic experience. We offer a full array of foreign-study programs, internships in architectural offices, and various opportunities to work directly with communities. Track 2 students may apply to spend their two years studying in either Portland or Eugene. Track 1 students must begin their program in Eugene, and finish in either Eugene or Portland.

About 500 of the 600 majors (graduate and undergraduate) are in Eugene. The Eugene program offers a wide diversity of faculty and courses, concurrent degree programs, and the option to take courses in other departments of the university. Eugene-based programs offer various focuses, including sustainability, building technology, history/theory and human-centered design.

About 100 architecture students, comprised mostly of Track 2 students with some final-year Track 1 and undergraduat students, are in Portland. The Portland program is housed in a beautifully-renovated warehouse block in the city center, has strong connections with the Portland professional community, and strong engagement with current architectural and urban issues of the city.