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Visiting Scholars

The Department of Architecture is able to accommodate a limited number of visiting scholars each year to engage in significant independent research related to the built environment. Prospective scholars may apply to the program under two categories of visiting scholars: 1) Senior Visiting Scholars – typically professors, practitioners, or researchers; 2) Visiting Student Researchers – graduate and Ph.D. students working under the supervision of an Oregon Architecture faculty member. Visiting scholars are self-funded and must make arrangements with the Department, faculty member, and the University of Oregon International Programs Office. Scholars interested in applying should contact the faculty member with a letter of interest, a current CV, and a brief plan of intended work.

Visiting Scholars

Seung Woo Lee -- 2010-2011
Ph.D. (Engineering, Architectural Design) Hongik University, 1999; Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Korea
Research interests: contemporary architecture, deconstruction, formal characteristics, design process, spatial hierarchy and expression.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok

Jin-hi Lee -- 2010-2011
Arch di Dottore (Architecture), Politecnico di Milano, 1997; Associate Professor of Architecture, Yeungnam University, Korea
Research interests: urban form, maintenance and change of a city core based on morphology and typology, material selections of places, architectural elements (e.g. stereobates, walls, roofs) and construction methods.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok

Myoung-Souk Yeo -- 2009-2010
Ph.D. (Architecture) Seoul National University, 1998; Associate Professor of Architecture, Seoul National University, Korea
Research interests: life cycle analysis, indoor air quality, comfort, high performance buildings, GHG reductions during design-construction-maintenance/operation-remodeling/renovation-deconstruction emissions, curriculum development.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok

Jae Oh Koo -- 2008-2009
Ph.D. (Architectural Engineering) Yonsei University, 1989; Professor of Architecture, Kangwon National University, Korea
Research interests: passive and sustainable design principles, thermal performances of buildings, building acoustics and noise control, collaborative processes and methods of environmental-friendly design and planning for eco-villages.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok

Visiting Student Researchers

Jana Chaudhuri, Spring, Summer, Fall 2011
Visiting Fulbright Scholar
B.Arch., School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Post-graduate work in Conservation Preservation and Heritage Management. Presently enrolled in PhD program at the Department of Conservation, National Museum Institute, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Also Assistant Director (Architecture), Housing and Projects Wing, Delhi Development Authority, Government of India.
Research interests: Urban Planning and Urban Design in the context of heritage. Jana is working with many people in the Oregon preservation community, gaining a background in American planning and preservation practice to support her dissertation.
Faculty sponsor: Howard Davis

Luzanne Smith,  Summer, Fall 2010
M.Sc. Architecture, Energy & Sustainability, London Metropolitan University, 2011
Research interests:  using nature to inform design, human comfort, productivity, energy use, holistic design, ecological restoration, building performance.  Luzanne brings diverse experience to her work from her upbringing in Zimbabwe, a B.Sc. in landscape architecture at Purdue University, and work in Florida and Australia.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok

Hyojin Kim, 2005-2006
M.S. Housing & Interior Design, Yonsei University, 2006
Research interests:  thermal comfort, adaptation, building performance, productivity, energy use, transitional spaces, monitoring.  Funded by the Korea Research Foundation (KRF), Hyojin investigated human behavior and adaptation related to thermal comfort various U.S. and Asian cities.
Faculty sponsor: Alison Kwok