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Welcome New Summer 2017 Graduate Students!

Next Steps 1:

If you have been recommended for admission to the Architecture / Interior Architecture program, the next steps in the process are:

  • Sign up for Grad Day.  If you are unable to attend Grad Day, you can alternatively sign up for one of our Information sessions
  • Make sure that you have sent official transcripts and/or language proficiency score reports to UO Admissions (
  • Make sure that you have sent requested to have official GRE scores sent to the Department of Architecture
  • The UO Graduate School and UO Admissions will check for required admission materials. Once this process has been finalized, UO Admissions will send an additional admission letter (paper copy) to the address you listed on your graduate application
  • For international students, review the financial verification and visa I-20 process (the UO admissions letter is included with the visa/I-20 items)
  • If you have questions or issues regarding your UO Student ID or PAC number, contact
  • When you have made your final decision (accept, decline, defer) about the admission offer, submit a Graduate Admission Form (May 1 deadline)
  • If you accept the admission offer, pay the program deposit (May 1 deadline)

Next Steps 2:

This list serves as an informative help guide and is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Be sure and follow additional instructions as directed by the UO, Financial Aid, Graduate School, UO Admissions, UO Registrar's, UO Global, Department of Architecture, etc.

New Student questions for the Department of Achitecture?  Contact or 541-346-1740 or SKYPE us at UOARCHRecruiter

Orientation - Summer Track 1

Friday, June, 23, 2017, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at the UO in Lawrence Hall Room 279

Orientation Agenda:

  • 9:00 a.m. Check-in & Coffee (206 Lawrence Hall)
  • 9:15 a.m. Introductions, Welcome, Program Information
  • 10:30 a.m. Building Tour
  • 11:00 a.m. UO ID Card Office (optional) - You must bring your government issued ID (e.g. passport, driver's license)
  • 11:30 a.m. Duckstore (optional)
  • 1:00 p.m. Rennie's (no host lunch)

Classes begin Monday, June 26th

Additional Advising Session - Summer Track 1

  • Wednesday, July 26, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. at the UO in Lawrence Hall Room 279

If you are to be a Track 1, Eugene campus admit starting the program FALL term, you are invited to join the Fall Term Track 2 orientation.

Summer Term Registration 2017

Your UO ID number and PAC number notification should have been sent to you from the UO Admissions/Registrar office a few weeks after you submitted your UO Graduate Application.  If you didn’t receive this notification, please contact UO Admissions/Registrar at

If you have received your UO ID and PAC (personal access code) number notification from UO Admissions/Registrar, you will need to register for the following summer courses via DUCKWEB.

Be sure and Claim Your Duck ID first.

  • ARCH 610 20th Century Arch & Theory (4): 40230
  • ARCH 611 Grad Design Process (3):  40231

You will need to be assigned a section for the ARCH 680 Intro Grad Design (6) class by the Department of Architecture; you will receive this in an email from your advisor once your desposit has been paid.  

Once you are in DuckWeb, DO NOT use the search button. Go to the Add/Drop courses screen and type in the CRNs in the boxes at the bottom of the add screen. 

If you have any problems registering, please contact the department at

Fall Term Registration 2017

Students who have paid their admission deposit will be pre-authorized for the ARCH 681 Intro Graduate Design Studio (6) class and will receive an email from the department with a specific CRN in order to register. Pre-authorizations are generally completed approximately the second week in May.

Be sure to also register for ARCH 550 Spatial Comp; ARCH 570 Bldg Construction; and ARCH 610 Intro to Computing.  No pre-authorizations are required for these courses.

If you have any problems registering, please contact the department at

Registration, Schedule of Classes, Academic Calendars


For advising during the summer regarding Fall coursework, you can submit an Appointment Request Form in order to make an appointment with an academic advisor in the department. 

Students will receive via email a trascript evaluation prior to the start of classes. If after that evaluation you wish to discuss additional courses that may be waived please bring a syllabi from those courses to your orientation. Course waivers do not reduce the number of credits required for your degree (144 credits for M.Arch Track 1 and 147 credits for M.IArch Track 1).


Summer Session Tuition & Fees

Graduate Student Cost Calculator

UO Email - official communications channel

Email is the official form of communication between the department, faculty and students. It is mandatory that all UO students use the UO email account which they have been provided. You will need to register for classes before setting up your email account. Information about setting up your UO email is on the UO Information Technology website.

UO Student ID Card

The UO ID card is the official identification card for students, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon. You will use it to check out books at the library, gain access to the student rec center, pay for printing in the library and the Output Room, and ride free on LTD buses.

The University of Oregon utilizes the UO ID card in a debit card program called UO Campus Cash. You can use your UO Card for purchases on campus simply by depositing funds to your Campus Cash account.

You can set up you own UO ID Card Selfie here.  You can pick up your UO ID Card in the Erb Memorial Union (EMU).

Financial Aid

Domestic Students

We encourage all Track I Architecture and Interior Architecture majors to apply for financial aid. The department’s computer requirement may be added to your expenses and thereby increase your eligibility. There is a Plan-to-Purchase form for this purpose available on the College of Design Technology Services website.

Summer is the last term of the four-term financial aid cycle. If you already have financial aid, you may extend it through summer. If you do not currently have financial aid you may apply for summer aid until the last day of summer session. Information about summer financial aid can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Students starting in the summer must also complete FAFSA in order to be considered for financial aid for the following acadmic year. Financial aid applications take approximately two months to process. Please allow plenty of time. When communicating with the Office of Financial Aid, be clear about the term your program begins. The financial aid application is available online at The University of Oregon Institutional Title Code for financial aid is 003-223.  The Financial Aid telephone numbers are: (541) 346-3221; (800) 760-6953.

International Students

International students should check with the International Affairs Office and UO Admissions for available options. There are a number of scholarships available for international students. One such is the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP).

The International Affairs office is located in Oregon Hall room 330. Their mailing address is International Affairs, Oregon Hall room 330, 5209 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5209. Their contact numbers are (541) 346-3206; fax (541) 346-1232.


Departmental scholarships are available to enrolled students only. The department uses one general scholarship application to award all the departmental scholarships. Criteria vary and can include academic merit, design excellence, specific areas of interest and financial need. Financial need is determined by the Office of Financial Aid and only students who have submitted a current FAFSA can be considered.

GE Positions

Newly admitted graduate students may apply for Architecture GE positions when the application becomes available. These positions are highly competitive and most of the current students have the advantage knowing the courses and faculty.

Occasionally, a few positions may become available for newly admitted students. Generally, graduate teaching fellowships (GEs) are awarded to applicants who have substantial capabilities or credentials necessary to perform the work assignment are eligible to apply.

Priority consideration will be given to qualified graduate students in the Department of Architecture.


Mandatory Hardware and Software Requirements

All students in the Department of Architecture are required to have a personal computer. The most current specifications are available on the AAA Technology Services website. Please pay close attention to the hardward and software requirements and memory space required. Aside from the computer requirement, there is a listing of specific software on this page.

Studio Field Trips

You will be taking at least one field trip during your summer studio. You will receive trip on your first day of studio class.


Resources and Forms

University Resources

Professional Outreach for Students (Internships, Career Planning, Jobs)

Studio Equipment and Supplies 2017

TRACK I– Studio Equipment and Supplies: A Starter List

The following is a list of equipment and supplies that architecture and interior architecture students will need for the first design studio. This is not a complete list, but rather a guide to the basic needs. You will continue to add to this starter list and, with good care, much of the equipment you purchase will last your entire design career. The University of Oregon Bookstore holds a sale on architecture and art supplies at the beginning of each term,  . Supplies may also be available used. The total cost for this starter list of supplies is approximately $521 - $783.


  • Sketchbook: no larger than 7" by 10" ($6-$20) - Bring to first studio meeting.
  • One 18"x24" newsprint pad (Strathmore Mega Newsprint or Pro Art Rough News, or similar), as thin a pad as available (likely 50 sheets).  Bring to the first day of ARCH 611
  • Reading: Calvino, I. (1993): Six Memos for the Next Millenium. ISBN: 06797423739

MEASURING TOOLS - Designers need a variety of measuring tools: Approximate Cost $22-$55

  • Tape measure: at least 25 feet ($16 - $25)
  • Architect Scales (2): three sided variety, BOTH engineering and standard units ($6 - $30 each)

DRAWING TOOLS - Approximate Cost = $402 - $546
Studios require hand-media drafting/model making tools:

  • One kneaded eraser
  • Rolls of Tracing Paper: 12" and 18" ($13.99 and $19.99)
  • Drafting Board: 31" x 42" [this is a good size for the studio desks] or 36" x 48" ($80 - $100)
  • Drafting Board Cover: Vyco ($10 - $11 per linear foot)
  • Parallel Rule: T-Square, 42" or 48” length ($190  - $200)
  • Adjustable Triangle: 8" minimum size or larger ($19 - $26)
  • Triangles: 30/60 and 45 degree ($4-$16)
  • Compass: ($10 - $45)
  • Eraser: The white ones are the best (.99 - $1.95)
  • Erasing Shield: ($1.49)
  • Drafting Brush: ($5-7)
  • Drafting Tape or Drafting Dots: ($7 - $13)
  • Push Pins: box of 20 ($1.50)
  • Lead Holder: Staedtler brand lead holder Alvin Draftmatic or alternative ($6.50)
  • Leads for holder (2B, 4B, HB, and 2H for holder) ($2.99/2 pk)
  • Lead Pointer: Not the same as a pencil sharpener ($9.99)
  • Pencil Sharpener: Plain metal or canister style ($1 - $8)
  • Pigma Micron technical pens in the following sizes: 005, 03, 05, 08, and 1
  • Set of colored pencils ($8-$50):
    • Caran d' Ache, Prismacolor or similar quality brand; option to just buy primary color (CMYK) set
    • Faber-Castell Ploychromos colored pencils in the following colors: red, yellow, blue, and a mid-range gray of the student's choice, plus white and black

MODEL MAKING TOOLS - Approximate Cost Approximately = $58 - $132
It is important to have reliable and safe equipment:

  • Heavy Duty Mat Knife: Olfa and X-acto make good ones. ($10 - $23)
  • X-acto knife #1 ($3 - $4) and Replacement blades #11($3 - 5/pk, $34 - 100/pk)
  • Metal Cutting Rule: 18" non-slip base ($7-$13)
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat: 18" by 24" ($30 - $42)
  • Scissors: ($3 - $10)
  • Glue: Elmer’s or Tacky ($2 - $6)

OTHER SUPPLIES: Approximate Cost = $33-$80

  • UC Rated Heavy Extension Cord as per required by fire and safety codes. ($8 - $17)
  • Desk lamp: ($18-$50)
  • Key or Combo lock: ($7 - $13)

(Prices are estimates)

Software Note:  Students will use both Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCAD later in this course (see Mandatory Hardware and Software Requirements above).  Software must be purchased, loaded onto computers and ready to use by the end of the first week of class. Many software companies have special pricing available for students.

The Department of Architecture office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and is located at 210 Lawrence Hall.