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From washing pots in Carson Hall to winning filmmaking awards

“I didn’t plan to be an actor, it just happened to me, but I’m lucky that I had those foundations” from his architecture training at UO, says the A&AA grad turned movie actor-producer. Watch a video about Daniel Wu's visit to the UO here. When Daniel Wu posted on his blog in April that he was “going back to school,” the comment snagged 15,147 views in mere hours. Wu, who’s been called the Johnny Depp of Chinese cinema, is a 1997 graduate of...

Daniel Wu meets with students, while the Duck observes


Cloepfil melds landscapes, contemporary design

University of Oregon architecture alumnus Brad Cloepfil, AIA, NCARB, founded Allied Works Architecture, which now has offices in New York City and Portland, in 1994. A&AA writer Cari Johnson recently caught up with Cloepfil, who lectured at UO in Portland this April as a part of the UO Department of Architecture’s Spring 2012 Lecture Series. CJ: Where were you before you entered the University of Oregon for architecture? BC: I was raised...

A private residence in the Hudson River Valley


Architecture student explores daylight and electric lighting user patterns

Underutilization of daylighted spaces causes reassessment of sustainability design When graduate architecture student Erik Bonnett paid a site visit to a LEED-Gold certified school building that included energy-saving daylighting design, he was surprised to find some classrooms with closed blinds and all the lights on. That’s a direct contrast to the design intent of reducing use of nonrenewable electric lighting, so he and his research team...

Students study by daylight only in a classroom at Baker Prairie Middle School in Canby, Oregon


Student group rehabs house to rigorous and rare energy standard

“An unsealed nail hole could push us over the limit,” an advisory board member says. The small home at 1801 Moss Street near the University of Oregon campus is under renovation. This wouldn’t be noteworthy, except that architecture students are doing the work and they are renovating it to an extremely ambitious energy standard. The students are members of The Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living (CASL), a student group that is...

The CASL crew


designBridge receives Chambers Foundation funds, Wayne Morse grant

The funding will help design and build community projects that otherwise might not go forward. The good news keeps on coming for designBridge. Just this past year, the student-run organization received $17,000 worth of awards and grants to continue their mission: to offer design and construction services to community organizations that couldn’t otherwise afford to undertake vital projects. Juli Brode, adjunct architecture instructor and faculty...

designBridge Playscapes team collaborates with children


Effort will republish, update archaeological map of Rome

Architecture Professor James Tice wins a Digital Innovation Fellowship for his project. A $65,000 grant will fund Department of Architecture Professor James Tice and his team’s goal of creating a layered history of Rome based on a classic and influential map published at the turn of the last century. “The objective is to provide an accessible and highly interactive website and geo-database that is a resource for archaeologists and others who...

A detailed view of Rodolfo Lanciani’s Forma Urbis Romae


Book gives historical perspective to ‘mixed use’ buildings

Professor Howard Davis’ new book explores the relationship between the morphology and building types of the urban district and the district's economic life. Shop houses – buildings that accommodate both working and living – exist quietly in the background in cities around the world. They’ve been around for centuries, but only now has a book been dedicated to them. Living Over the Store: Architecture and Local Urban Life, a new book by University...

Professor Howard Davis


Graduate fine arts students’ work goes on display

How we use and change the already built world will define architecture in the 21st century, Jean Carroon says. Boston-based architect Jean Carroon, an expert on applying sustainable design technology to historic buildings, brings her message about the role and influence of historic building preservation to Eugene when she speaks Monday, April 30, at 5:30 p.m. in 206 Lawrence Hall, 1190 Franklin Blvd. The event is free and open to the public. A...

the Trinity Church Undercroft, a new space created under the 1873 H.H. Richardson building in Boston


Students earn scholarships for research on commercial air infiltration

Their project not only produced usable results but also taught them how to test unusual spaces. Undergraduate architecture students Dan Beltramo, Wesley Thompson, and Perrin Wright, and undergraduate chemistry student Sara Tepfer spent ten weeks last summer testing small commercial spaces for air tightness and leaks. Thompson, Beltramo, and Tepfer were awarded $500 scholarships for their work from Oregon ASHRAE (American Society of Heating,...

ASHRAE student award winners


Kosbau visit includes biomimetics workshop in Eugene, lecture at Salishan

The 2005 architecture alumnus and Portland native founded his Brooklyn-based firm in 2009. Award-winning architect and UO alumnus Thomas Kosbau will be a keynote speaker at the Oregon Design Conference April 26-28 at Salishan Spa & Golf Resort in Gleneden Beach. While in Oregon, Kosbau will also give a free public lecture in Eugene on April 24, a design workshop in Eugene on April 25, and a lecture in Portland on April 25. His lecture in...

Thomas Kosbau