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Graduate Certificates

Exterior building illustrationCertificate in Technical Teaching in Architecture
This program is open to graduate students in the Department of Architecture. The program is designed for students interested in the integration of technical building and engineering information with the design education process. Students who pursue this certificate typically focus their research on curriculum, tools, and strategies for teaching, and concentrate on structural design, construction materials and processes, or environmental control systems. A minimum of 24 credits is required. Twelve of the 24 credits may be used to fulfill master degree requirements.

Ecological Design Certificate
The Ecological Design Certificate is a design-based, interdisciplinary program focused on the development of a practical framework for the integration of the built environment with local and region specific natural systems. It is available to all graduate students within the College of Design. Participating students are challenged to develop an in-depth understanding of the relationships between ecological processes, issues of cultural and social sustainability, and urban development and form, and how allied design and planning disciplines approach these relationships. Students will acquire a theoretical and pragmatic basis to carry these understandings into the world of practice. A minimum of 24 credits is required. Twelve of the 24 credits may be used to fulfill master of architecture requirements. Due to resource availability, most of these courses must be completed at the Eugene campus.

Oregon Leadership in Sustainability (OLIS) Program
The OLIS Graduate Certificate program is an intensive program that trains students in the concepts and skills of sustainability. It is designed for students from diverse backgrounds who want to prepare for emerging sustainability careers in the public, private, and nonprofit sector. You will be immersed in an interdisciplinary learning community with an emphasis on practical experiences. This year-long program will equip you to play a key role in addressing the key sustainability issues of climate change, green economy, ecosystem services, green infrastructure and social justice.

Museum Studies Certificate
The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate addresses the demand for professionally trained museum personnel and provides University of Oregon graduate students with an invaluable credential for the job market. It is a masters-level, multidisciplinary course of study sponsored by the Arts and Administration Program, the Department of Architecture, the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, the Department of Anthropology and campus museum professionals.

New Media & Culture Certificate
The New Media and Culture Certificate Program is a new interdisciplinary graduate certificate program. Definitions of what constitutes new media have been debated across disciplines since at least the early 1990s. The New Media and Culture Certificate Program will situate itself within this lively and contentious conversation about what constitutes “new” media. At UO, many graduate students are working on and with new media at both MA and PhD levels, and this certificate brings together MA and PhD students working on or with new media, who are often isolated within traditional disciplines.

This certificate is intended to take advantage of creative opportunities possible in existing degree programs by providing a certificate program that blends scholarly research on new media with experience creating new media content or using digital tools in their research. This program will allow graduate students to identify a community of scholars engaged in likeminded work and to coordinate courses and professional development activities. Ultimately, the certificate program will better prepare our graduate students for 21st century workplaces, academic and non-academic alike.