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Concurrent Master Degrees in Architecture and Interior Architecture

The University of Oregon Department of Architecture offers accredited professional degrees in the professions of architecture and interior architecture that share aspects of their core curricula. The department values the interdisciplinary nature inherent in the design professions and encourages students to pursue opportunities to enhance their major degree program with study in allied design fields. Recipients of concurrent architecture and interior architecture degrees graduate as facile designers who are able to engage in a variety of broad and specific issues concerning: scales of sites and spaces, detail and materiality, sustainability, and collaborative processes.

Students enrolled in either the architecture or interior architecture graduate programs may apply to enroll in a concurrent master’s degree option that provides an accelerated path toward attaining two accredited professional degrees: the Master of Interior Architecture (CIDA accredited) and a Master of Architecture (NAAB accredited). Graduate students in the department who are interested in both of these disciplinary areas have opportunities to take coursework in either discipline. The university’s “concurrent degree” method means that students complete course/studio credits for one master’s degree and subsequently finish the remaining credits for the second degree, resulting in the awarding of the two degrees concurrently.  Graduate students in the Department of Architecture can earn two master's degrees. Within the department, students apply to one degree first (M.Arch or M.I.Arch).

Pursuing Concurrent Master Degrees:

A student may begin as either an Architecture or Interior Architecture student.
The curricula provides a clear path for the Architecture or Interior Architecture graduate student, requiring the same number of credits taken for each full-length degree. Students without advanced placement who are required to complete fourteen (14) studios can finish the concurrent degrees in a minimum of four years. This timeline includes one additional 584-level summer studio. Graduate students with advanced placement can adapt the sample curricula to their special circumstances, resulting in a 10-studio minimum. A separate application procedure will be determined.

  1. Students interested in pursuing both degrees shall meet with advisors to begin discussion and to go over the suggested curriculum. If admitted to and pursuing the M.Arch. first, followed by an M.I.Arch., meet with the Department of Architecture Associate Head for Student Life or the Director of Graduate Studies; or if admitted to and pursuing the M.I.Arch. first, followed by an M.Arch., meet with the Interior Architecture Program Director. Both will need to be coordinating your movement.
  2. Application for admission to the concurrent degree program may be submitted following a meeting with an advisor. Applications include a one-two page statement about the student interest in both fields of study.
  3. The Declaration of Concurrent Degrees form must be completed, printed, signed, and submitted to the Department of Architecture (Brian) who will forward it to the Graduate School; ideally as soon as the student has been admitted to both programs, but no later than three terms prior to the term in which the student would complete either or both degrees.
  4. Students need to request a concurrent application appointment (via for guidance in submitting the additional admission applications. A new UO Graduate Application and a new SlideRoom Departmental Application must be submitted prior to the term that the concurrent degree would start in order to officially apply to the additional major.
  5. No later than Friday of Week 2 in the term of graduation (for either or both degrees), you must apply for graduation and a completed Concurrent Degree Program Plan must be submitted to the Department of Architecture and the UO Graduate School.


See University Concurrent Degree Guidelines

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