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University of Oregon International Programs

IE3 Program for International Internships

The practice of architecture and interior architecture requires a deep understanding of how the design of buildings interacts with the physical and cultural contexts of human traditions, landscapes, settlements, cities and suburbs. Study abroad programs provide the opportunity for students to examine historical and contemporary architecture, and learn from scholars and practitioners with expertise in the diverse cultures of building across the globe. The department offers quarter-length programs which fulfill professional degree requirements including intermediate level design studios in Rome or Vicenza, Italy and Vancouver, British Columbia. A program in Kyoto, Japan offered by the Department of Landscape architecture, and the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen also provide design studio credits.

Other non-studio programs with professional content are offered by other departments within the school. Students can participate in an exchange program with the University of Stuttgart, take an independent practicum in a design firm or non-profit organization abroad, or participate in the university’s IE3 international internship program. Credits earned in approved international programs offered by other accredited architecture or interior design schools in the U.S can be transferred to fulfill departmental degree requirements.

Undergraduates are encouraged to enroll in international programs offered by or affiliated with the university to fulfill general education requirements.

In addition to travel in association with credit-granting international programs, students have participated in department-sponsored study visits to British Columbia, China, Egypt, Finland, India, Italy, Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand and Turkey.