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Vicenza, Italy

Walkway in VicenzaThe program is directed by Don Corner and Jenny Young, Professors of Architecture.

This spring architecture program in Vicenza offers students a unique opportunity to gain a perspective on Italy’s contribution to architectural, urban and landscape design through the ages. The program begins in Rome with a two-week study tour that includes Siena, Florence and Bologna before taking up residence for eight weeks in Vicenza, where the focus will be on the design studio. Traveling and then living in an Italian town will give students a rich cultural experience, enhanced by coursework that contributes to their academic progress toward their degree.


  • Faculty members from the University of Oregon’s Department of Architecture direct and instruct the program.
  • Two weeks of field studies in Rome, Firenze, Siena and Bologna begin the program.
  • Eight weeks of residence in Vicenza are focused on design studio and include excursions in the Veneto region and to Switzerland to see works of Zumthor and Galfetti.
  • Participants earn 16 credits in four courses: studio, town form, material and detail, and sketchbook media.
  • Program goals include formal architectural education, nurturing an appetite for exploration and discovery, drawing inspiration from beautiful and significant works, and engaging a rich cultural exchange.


Full program information can be found here.