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Master of Interior Architecture - Track II

Master of Interior Architecture Track II Curriculum Outline (PDF)

In addition to the general Graduate School requirements as listed in the UO Catalog, Track II students must fulfill the same professional curriculum requirements of the Track I program, but are admitted with advanced standing in studio and subject-area courses. The extent of this advanced standing is determined in consultation with the student’s academic advisor before beginning the program. Students can transfer up to 36 credits of design (up to four studios; excluding I.Arch. 588 and 589) and up to 50 credits of subject-area courses. Students will be notified of their course requirements after transcript evaluations have been completed.

Degree Requirements: 87 credits
This degree is typically completed in six terms. This includes 40 credits in design studios. The remaining 47 credits are distributed among required professional course work and professional electives, which include the seminar, advanced study, and history requirements described below.

Design Requirements: 40 credits (6 terms)

Subject Area Requirements: 47 credits (This includes 14 credits of elective course work and 6 credits of ARCH 507 or 607, seminar minimum)

Seminar and Research: 18 credits
Seminar: IARC 507/607, 9 credits
Research: IARC 601, 6 credits
Comprehensive project preparation: IARC 545, 3 credits

History Requirements: five courses
All professional degree students in interior architecture must take five architectural history courses, including the three History of Interior Architecture courses (ARH 574, 575 and 576). 

University of Oregon requirements for all graduate students: 

Minimum Credits (600-level) in Residence: 9 credit hours

Maximum Credits Per Term: 16 credits without additional fees, and up to 18 credits with additional fees assessed for each credit beyond 16.

Registration Minimum Per Term: 3 credits at graduate level

Full-Time Status: 9 credits at graduate level

Continuous Enrollment: Students enrolled in a graduate program must attend the university continuously (except for summers) until all program requirements have been completed, unless on-leave status has been approved. (This is a Graduate School requirement.)

Graded Credits: There is no graded-credit-hour requirement for graduate students in either the master of architecture or master of interior architecture programs. If graded hours are taken, an average GPA of 3.0 must be maintained.

Curriculum Guide

Master of Interior Architecture Track 2 (2-year)

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