University of Oregon

Department of Architecture

Programs in Architecture and Interior Architecture

Ph.D. Funding

We are pleased to offer incoming PhD students up to two years of tuition and fee waivers, a stipend and health insurance through graduate teaching and research fellowships contingent upon successful progress and performance in the program. These appointments, which include a tuition waiver and monthly stipend ranging from .20 to .49 FTE employment, are provided through the department, university and individual faculty members, typically from research grants and contracts. The result of this strategy has several benefits: 1) it provides valuable skills in teaching and research as part of the student’s program of study; 2) it introduces students to the expected norm for faculty loads at research universities; and, 3) collaboration with faculty will assist the department in curricular innovation and research development. Typical graduate fellowship assignments will include teaching one term in a lower division studio, teaching one term of specialized instruction in a large lecture or seminar related to the program of study, and one term for research, working with a faculty member.

PhD students are encouraged to seek financial opportunities through the PhD Committee, the Department of Architecture, the University of Oregon Graduate School, and the UO Financial Aid Office. Students are strongly encouraged to seek extramural funding from external agencies in the topical area of their study, particularly for programs of study beyond the two years of support. The number of graduate fellow appointments available is subject to budgetary constraints on the department and the university.

All prospective students must complete a Graduate Fellowship application as part of the admissions process. Self-supporting PhD students (i.e., those who pay their own tuition) may be offered graduate fellowships upon review of GTF application materials since teaching is an important part of the educational process.