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Teaching in Technical Subjects Certificate

Students pointing at building areasThe Technical Teaching Certificate in Architecture is a program that focuses on teaching that seamlessly combines design and technical subjects in architecture:  environmental building systems, construction methods and materials, enclosure and structural systems. The program is designed for graduate students interested in teaching during their architectural careers and can be acquired as they pursue a Master of Architecture, Master of Science, or Master of interior Architecture degree programs. Participating students are challenged to develop an area of experience in one or more of these subject areas in curriculum, understand critical principles and concepts, issues of sustainability within the discipline, curricular innovation, as well as how theoretical and pragmatic issues are carried into practice.

Students in the Technical Teaching Certificate program must complete a minimum of 24 approved credits in teaching and advanced technical subjects, with proficiency in at least one technical subject area. Twelve credits must be selected from the core Technical Teaching Courses. Required core courses for the Master’s degree do not satisfy Certificate requirements (with the exception of a pre-approved intermediate design studio emphasizing building technology). In the normal track of obtaining the Technical Teaching Certificate, students should take 12 credits beyond those required for the degree and will need to carefully plan to take a full load each term and/or enroll in summer classes. Students with advanced standing (through exception as transfer credits or waived courses) may be able to complete the Certificate requirements within the same timeframe and the required credits for their M.Arch., M.S., or M.IArch. degree. The Certificate Director will review and approve such exceptions.

Students not enrolled in the University of Oregon Architecture program must complete a minimum of 18 credits in advanced technology and technical teaching courses taught at the University of Oregon -- but can also receive up to 6 credits for courses taught at a home institution or in a professional office. The Certificate Director will review and approve such work. Non-architecture students interested in the Certificate Program should discuss specific details and course approvals with the Certificate Director or Academic Advisor.

These individualized courses (with the exception of 660) are designed to allow the student to initiate a program of self-directed study focusing on particular technical topics. A minimum of 12 credits must be taken from this list, to be counted toward the Technical Teaching core credits. To register for these courses, students should first develop a course of study with an appropriate instructor and signature and complete the department Individualized Study Form. The form is submitted to department Academic Advisor who will clear the student to register for the course.

Arch 580. Teaching Assistants for ARCH 283/4 (1-3 cr repeatable). An individualized seminar directly linked to integrating technology subjects and design studio. Students may participate in design studio discussions, desk and class reviews, technical workshops, and helping prepare teaching material.

Arch 602. Supervised College Teaching (1-6 cr repeatable). Students may earn credits in a variety of ways: e.g. 1 credit per lecture given in technical courses that address environmental control systems, building construction and materials, structures, and enclosures; 2 credits for workshops, tutoring, or advising with design studios or large lecture courses.

Arch 609. Student Teaching Practicum (3-6 cr). Students will develop and teach a set of workshops or seminars (under an instructor of record) incorporating design exercises and technical topics. Ideally would
follow terminal studio for M. Arch, M. IArch, or M.S. students.

Arch 610. History and Theory of Building Technology (3 cr). This seminar is open to all graduate students. Course offerings in the history, theory and pedagogy of technology in architecture are announced each year depending on visiting faculty, funding, and UO faculty teaching availability. In some cases Arch 507 or Arch 510 courses on a similar topic may be substituted, with approval from the Certificate Director of the Teaching Certificate program.

Arch 619.  Terminal Project (3 cr).  Preparation of application for teaching positions  (review job ads, develop interest letter, curriculum vita, teaching portfolio, and public lecture).; preparation of a technical paper and presentation for a technical conference.

Arch 661. Teaching Technical Subjects in Architecture (1-6 cr repeatable). An individualized seminar where the student decides on a topic within a specific technology area and may pursue for example: pedagogical and curricular issues, teaching technical topics, critique and development of course assignments, development of innovative curricular exercises, review of textbooks for courses, development of a technical newsletter. Occasionally offered as a workshop-style course during the term.

Arch 690. Teaching Technology in Architectural Design (3 cr). An individualized study directly linked to integrating technology subjects and design studio. Students may conduct technical workshops, provide desk crits, serve as midterm and/or as final reviewers for introductory studios (ARCH 283, 284, 383, 384, 681 or 682). The course proposal must be organized with the studio coordinators to properly integrate it within the curriculum and schedule.

Individualized study courses (ARCH or IARC 601 Research; 605 Reading, 606 Special Problems, ARCH 619/IARC 611 Terminal Project, and ARCH 620/678 Research Methods) may count toward the Technical Teaching core credits with review and approval by the Certificate Director of the teaching content.

A variety of elective courses are offered during the year which may be counted toward the 12 advanced technology credits for the Certificate. Seminar topics and experimental courses (507 and 510) may change and it is recognized that while some of the courses indicated as electives below may not be offered every year, other relevant courses may be offered.

ARCH/IARC 507 Advanced Technology seminars, High Performance Buildings, Case Studies in Sustainable Design, Green Building Design: In Detail, Ecology of Building Materials
ARCH/IARC 510 Advanced Technology courses, Green Design and Build for Residential Interiors, Oregon BILDS: Sustainable Construction at the Building Site, Passive Heating and Cooling Seminar
ARCH 524 Advanced Design Development Media
IARC 573 Working Drawings in Interior Architecture
ARCH 574 Preservation and Restoration Technology
ARCH/IARC 584 Architectural Design (with building technology emphasis) or IARC 586 Furniture Design (only one studio can count toward the certificate)
IARC 592 Electric Lighting
ARCH 595 Daylighting
ARCH 596 The Window
ARCH 598 Energy Scheming
ARCH 606 Special Topics (individualized study with a faculty advisor)
ARCH 633 History of Sustainable Architecture

Contact TTC Director, Professor Alison Kwok for more information.

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