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Department of Architecture Award Policies and Procedures

The majority of scholarship assistance available for architecture and interior architecture students is made possible by the generosity of alumni and friends of the department. Numerous scholarships are available, from assistance that is specific to educationally-related travel and research to broad, general support for academic expenses. Scholarships in the department are competitive and recipients are chosen based on demonstrated academic merit and, in the case of many scholarships, financial need, as determined by federal policies and the UO Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship.

Most scholarship opportunities in this department have been directed to assist returning architecture and interior architecture students. A newly admitted architecture or interior architecture student may become eligible to apply for a departmental scholarship after he or she has enrolled and attended classes. All departmental scholarships and awards are administered by the department's Scholarships and Awards Committee.

Although the number of available scholarships for application does fluctuate from year to year, on average more than 30 are offered, some of which provide assistance to multiple students. Award amounts typically range from $500 to $5,000 and are distributed either spring quarter of the current academic year or fall quarter of the following academic year.

Scholarship Application Information

A new travel application is open now and closes Sunday June 4 specifically for students who have a summer 2017 study-abroad or internship in China or East/SE Asia. Awards are between $2,500 - $3,600/student! See the link directly below for details.

Travel Scholarship is now open, deadline is Sunday, June 4 at 11:59 pm

Deadline: Closed; scholarship applications for 2018 - 2019 will open in winter term of 2018

Eligible students must have submitted an application to FAFSA and be qualified for financial aid.

A portfolio will be required for all students applying for scholarships. Some scholarships have unique criteria - please review the specific scholarships carefully.

Questions?  Contact Emily Williams at

Architecture and Interior Architecture Travel Scholaship

The Department of Architecture has several scholarships dedicated to student travel to extend their education outside of the classroom. Awards typically range from $1,500-$3,000 depending on the scope of the travel proposal.  Eligible students must have submitted an application to FAFSA and be qualified for financial aid.

The travel application and the application for scholarships and awards has been combined into one application.  The scholarship application will be emailed to current students via the Architecture list serve (please see above).

Questions?  Contact Emily Williams at

Anthony Wong Scholarship for Research in Sustainable Design

The Department of Architecture gratefully acknowledges the gift from Anthony Wong (‘76) to support student travel to present cutting-edge research in sustainable design at national and international conferences and to make that research publicly available. These awards will be directed to students who will actively participate and contribute their research and creative work through presenting papers and/or posters. The Anthony Wong Scholarship for Research in Sustainable Design can be applied for at any point in the year.

Questions?  Contact Cindy Lundeen at

Department of Architecture Student Financial Assistance Fund

The Department of Architecture Student Financial Assistance Fund can be applied for at any point in the year. The application can be downloaded here (MS Word file).

The Department of Architecture Student Financial Assistance Fund is intended to help meet the financial needs of architecture and interior architecture students who encounter professional/educational opportunities during their degree program, such as attending conferences, workshops, participating in special projects, etc.

Normal living expenses such as rent, car repairs, childcare, utilities, taxes, insurance, and pet-related expenses are generally not covered by this fund.

Students may apply at anytime during the year for approval of funds. Funds are distributed within an average range of $200 to $500, although applications for requests in excess of $500 may be considered if there are special circumstances.

Eligible students must have submitted an application to FAFSA and be qualified for financial aid.

Tuition Remission Awards (Scholarships)

Tuition remission support (scholarships) awarded at the time of admission provides financial support that is prorated per term beginning with the first term of admittance. The pro-rated amount reduces the amount of tuition in the term the tuition is billed. Summer admits can expect to see their tuition remission award beginning with their first term of admittance through spring term of the following academic year (Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Spring 2018). Fall admits can expect to see their tuition remission award beginning with their first term of admittance through spring term of the following academic year (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018).

Tuition remission awards (scholarships) will only be applied to terms that students are enrolled at the UO as Architecture or Interior Architecture majors. Students are not eligible to receive their tuition remission awards when they are not enrolled (on-leave, withdrawn from the program, etc.). Students who are awarded a tuition remission award are expected to make satisfactory academic progress and to be in good academic standing with the UO Graduate School and the UO Department of Architecture. This annual award will be renewed in the same amount for the second year of the program, assuming strong academic performance on your part and active contributions to your cohort and center.

Students with a GE appointment who receive a GE tuition remission may only receive the GE remission and stipend for the term(s) of the GE appointment(s). Students who receive the Department of Architecture tuition remission award at the time of admission and later receive a GE appointment, will not receive the Department of Architecture tuition remission for the term(s) of the GE appointment(s).  The remission/stipend may not be applied to any other academic term and there is no cash-out option available.

It is the student’s responsibility to report the awarding and duration of any GE position to the Department of Architecture at the time it is awarded. Any changes to the timing or program will result in a re-evaluation of tuition remission awards and may affect your tuition award amount. Withdrawing from the program at any time during the academic year will result in the loss of a tuition remission award.

Students who defer admission and apply to the program the following year will not have their departmental tuition remission award (scholarship) carried forward to future Architecture/Interior Architecture applications.

A&AA Scholarships

Students may apply for scholarships not only within his or her home department in A&AA, but also for those funds that are open to any student who is enrolled as a major in the school. Please visit A&AA Scholarships and Awards for information on the specific fund for which you would like to learn more detail.

ELLEN M. PENNELL AWARD. This fund is available for application by any undergraduate or graduate student who can demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

CLARA E. NASHOLM STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND. This fund is available for application by any undergraduate or graduate student who can demonstrate an active interest in interdisciplinary work within A&AA; academic merit; and financial need.

DEAN'S GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS. This fund is available only to graduate students in any A&AA discipline who are in their final phase of masters or terminal project or thesis.

STUDENT TRAVEL FUND. The A&AA Student Advisory Committee and the Associate Dean administer the Student Travel Fund, which assists with the travel expenses related to research and/or conferences. Applications for travel funds are available fall term for use during the academic year. These funds are supported by a portion of the income from vending operations in the school and the Lawrence Hall Willcox Hearth.

EMERGENCY LOAN FUNDS. The A&AA Dean's Office administers two separate loans funds to which majors in Architecture and Allied Arts may apply. These are short term, low interest loans not to exceed $800. Information and applications are available in the A&AA Dean's Office, 105 Lawrence Hall.

Questions?  Contact Cindy Lundeen at

Graduate School Funding & Awards

University Scholarships

University scholarships are those which are not attached to a particular department or school. They are awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement and in accordance with the bequests of the donors. These are the only scholarships generally available to lower-division undergraduates or first-year graduate students. To be considered for a university scholarship, continuing students, graduate students or transfer students must be admitted to the University of Oregon and must submit all the necessary forms to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please check deadline dates for specific programs of interest. Some scholarships are renewable, but the recipient must apply each year. Recipients are expected to be full-time students. Information, the scholarship application, and the faculty recommendation forms are available from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

One application serves for all scholarships in this category. The Financial Aid Form may be obtained at most high school counseling offices and college financial aid offices.

Presidential Scholarships

High school seniors from Oregon who are at the top of their class scholastically (generally 3.75 GPA or above and 1100 plus SAT's) are eligible for Presidential Scholarships. Fifty $2000 awards are made each year and they are renewable for four years. As students are nominated by their high schools, contact the high school counselor or principal.

Other Scholarships

FREDERICK CHARLES BAKER STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND. First available in 1989, this fund was established as part of an endowment to provide support for qualified individuals who wish to pursue studies of light and lighting in the graduate and undergraduate programs of the Department of Architecture. These studies will be offered by the holder of the Baker Chair and members of the Oregon faculty recognized for their contributions in the related fields of energy conscious design, day lighting, electric light, color and color theory.

National and Other Scholarships

A number of organizations related to the architecture profession offer scholarships that are independent of those administered within A&AA. Students are encouraged to visit the web sites below to learn about these opportunities:

American Institute of Architecture Students

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects

National Association of Women in Construction. A scholarship program packet is sent to the department from the association once a year. Undergraduates or graduate students in a course of study leading to a degree in construction or related field may apply. The recipients must be an Oregon resident attending an Oregon school. A five-page application, official transcript and optional letter of recommendation are also required.

Society For Marketing Professionals Services Scholarship. Established by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) to support students who are pursuing a career in marketing professional services or project management for architecture, engineering or construction firms. Awarded on the basis of academic merit and demonstrated promise in the profession including marketing. Must be upper-division undergraduate or graduate students majoring in architecture, interior architecture or landscape architecture.